Full Detail with Clar Bar

West Beach, Charles Sturt, SA, Australia on 28/01/2020 03:19:48

  • Pre Car wash rinse using high-pressure water cleaner
  • Hand wash the car
  • After car wash rinse using high-pressure water cleaner
  • Dry using microfiber cloth
  • Wash wheels and rims using high-pressure water cleaner and hand wash
  • Apply tyre shine to all wheels/tyres
  • Vacuum seats, floor & floor mats
  • Carpet shampoo seats, floor & floor mats
  • Leather clean seats (if leather)
  • Clean & protect door trims, pillar trims & dash
  • Clean & protect centre console, cup holders & gear shift area
  • Clean & protect glove box
  • Clean door seals
  • Clean/dry door jams
  • Clean inside & outside of all windows
  • Add deodoriser spray plus hang a complimentary card deodoriser.
  • Clar bar car until smooth like glass
  • Wipe off residue from bodywork
  • Polish exterior bodywork
  • Final shine bodywork
  • Check that no residue is left when job is finished