Bacteria and fungi removal from vehicles

bacteria & fungi removal

Bacteria and Fungi Removal

The conditions within vehicles can vary greatly.

Think about it, the conditions inside a car or vehicle vary because:

  • the windows are open or closed,
  • the sun is blazing down,
  • it is bitterly cold outside,
  • heater or air-conditioner is switched on,
  • the car may be garaged, exposed to the elements, under a carport or inside a building
  • vehicles may be used by tradies or workers who work in factories, or rural workers where the work is dirty and that dirt get carried to the car

Bacteria and fungi can thrive in a variety of conditions and may exist in a vehicle’s interior or in the air-conditioning – heating system. Detailing Adelaide have the machinery/equipment and solutions to remove all bacteria and fungi using 100% eco and chemical-free deep cleaning.

One item which people always forget is the baby seat. The apple of our eye constantly, dribbles, “throws up,” uses the seat as a toilet, spill drinks, slops food and generally messes up the surrounding seat and floor. Not only does this create bacteria, but it also creates odours. The baby’s area and the child seat should be deep cleaned and Detailing Adelaide provides the solution.


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