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Detailing Adelaide use and recommend the following car detailing products by AUTOGLYM.

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Car Detailing Products - Auto Glym Ultra HD Shampoo

AutoGlym Ultra High Definition Shampoo

AutoGlym’s Ultra High Definition Shampoo is a high foaming shampoo with a pH neutral formula for a thorough cleaning of your car. The pH neutral formula aids removal of dirt and traffic film, leaving behind a glossy, satin smooth finish. On the other hand, the dense foam runs effortlessly across the car paint making cleaning easy. The Ultra High Definition Shampoo from AutoGlym has a long-lasting foam with an extensive cling time, ensuring the shampoo is doing its job well!

Car Detailing Products - Auto Glym Vinyl & Rubber Care

AutoGlym Vinyl & Rubber Care

AutoGlym’s Vinyl & Rubber Care protects your car’s interiors against wear and tear and damage from sun. Suitable for application on car dashboards and other internal plastic and rubber elements, Vinyl & Rubber Care reinstates the component’s original colour while adding a protective layer to protect from future damage.
It can be customised to give a high or low sheen finish, and leaves the car smelling fresh as lemons.

Auto Glym Super Resin Polish

AutoGlym Super Resin Polish

Unarguably the rockstar of automotive detailing world, this tiny bottle has the superpower to restore your car’s original glory. Suitable for all cars – be it classic models, hyper cars or the luxurious sedans, this Resin Polish not only gives a glossy finish to dull car surfaces, but is effective in removing minor scuffs and catches. We recommend applying small touch up coats of the Super Resin Polish once in every 3-4 months to maintain the glossy shine of your car.

Auto Glym Bumper & Trim Gel

AutoGlym Bumper & Trim Gel

Got your car’s exterior paintwork redone? Don’t let faded plastic or rubber bumper and other components mar the look of your beloved vehicle. AutoGlym’s Bumper & Trim Gel is a highly efficient rich gel that revives the colour of exterior plastic, rubber or vinyl components of your car. Furthermore, it adds a protective coating to protect these components against damage and fading.

Auto Glym Interior Shampoo

AutoGlym Interior Shampoo

Need an effortless and quick way to remove stains from your car’s interior fabrics and component surfaces? AutoGlym’s Interior Shampoo is a versatile interior cleaner for your car’s floormats, door interiors, dashboard, steering wheel, pedals and all other interior components. It’s quick action formula removes dirt and grime in no time, leaving your car fresh and clean.

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