The value of a car will be greatly depreciated if it smells. In today’s world, if a prospective buyer even gets a whiff of tobacco odour there is no chance they will buy the car.
Similarly with other smells or odours which can be very stubborn to remove and probably offensive to a buyer.


You can wash the interior of your car, vacuum thoroughly, wipe down the surfaces, but no matter how clean your car might appear, tobacco smoke smells and other offensive smells and odours may still linger in the heating and cooling system, upholstery and on other surfaces. The Covid-19 virus has proved how ineffectual normal cleaning might be.

Detailing Adelaide has the know-how, professional equipment and appropriate solutions to successfully treat car interiors and we are proud to introduce premium eco-safe chemical-free, car interior DEEP cleaning, smoke and odour removal. This includes fabric and leather upholstery and sensitive surfaces deep cleaning.

Detailing Adelaide’s services include:

  • Permanent odour removal with our ozone machine will remove odours and smells caused by cigarettes, pets, food and drinks.
  • We don’t mask odours! Detailing Adelaide’s processes remove them.
  • Quick-drying – Car upholstery dries within 2 hours.

Most detailing of cars interiors are about cleaning the surfaces and are not meant to be DEEP cleans and are ineffective at removing stubborn odours and tobacco smells. Detailing Adelaide will only charge you for the services that your vehicle requires. For a healthy hygienic car, interior let Detailing Adelaide do the dirty work.

This car had badly stained seats and a very strong tobacco smell. This was removed using commercial-grade carpet cleaners and installing an ozone machine for 1 &1/2 hour.

The bucket shows the amount of dirt taken out of the seats and carpets by the commercial steam cleaning process which projects steam into the material but sucks the liquid out at the same time.

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