Exterior Trim Replenisher

$75+GST Sedans, Hatchbacks; $100+GST Station Wagons, SMALL (5 SEATS) 4WDs, Wagons, Vans, UTEs; $120+GST LARGE (7 SEATS) 4WDs, Wagons, Vans, UTEs;

Price is only an indication because the amount of exterior trim varies greatly depending on the make and model of your vehicle and whether a second application is required.

Detailing Adelaide Exterior Trim Replenisher is hi-definition trim care only suitable for black exterior mouldings and bumpers.

Restores faded exterior mouldings, trim and bumpers.

Dependent on the condition of the exterior mouldings, trim and bumpers and a second application may be required.

Ceramic Paint Protection - PRE TREATMENT & PAINT SEALANT