Toughseal Paint Protection System

Because of our busy schedule, we need at least 7 days’ notice. We will need your car for at least 1 day, we can pick up & deliver the car if needed.

Our Paint Protection Service

Pre Treatment & Paint Sealant

A 2-part process that gives all paintwork a diamond-hard shine and offers protection from most harmful elements including ultra violet rays, fading, acid rain, peeling, frost, tree sap, insect acid, bird droppings, oxidation (chalking), petrol and diesel fumes.

Unlike wax and silicone polishes, that break down under the sun’s UV rays, the protective effects of Toughseal are actually enhanced by the sun. The high gloss Toughseal finish simply washes back time and time again.

Australia’s leaders in paint protection recommend Toughseal QFX ceramic paint protection.

Detailing Adelaide mobile car detailing are an approve applicator Toughseal QFX ceramic paint protection in every Adelaide suburb.


You would receive a copy, Detailing Adelaide would receive a copy as the applicator and The Australian Distributor would receive a copy the product supplier.


There is no inspection criteria nor is there a requirement for regularity of washes. If any scratches were incurred that weren’t attributable to the force of an impact the these would be fixed under the warranty.

There is no need for any other coatings to be applied during the life of the warranty of 10 years.


Once the Toughseal ceramic paint protection system has been applied to your vehicle the 10 year Warranty form should be downloaded and mailed to Toughseal in Victoria their address is nominated on the bottom of the form


Is there a requirement for weekly washes?
Yes regular weekly wash is recommended for longer life of coating. But with coating ease of washing is greatly increased. Wash with proper care and only recommended car shampoo. No wax or polish on the coating.
Is there an approve product to allow owners to lightly buff future light scratches or is periodic detailing required to remove them?
There is no products as such to buff swirls/light scratches. TOUGHSEAL recommends weekly wash with Toughseal’s Wash & Gloss Car Shampoo and a regular one year treatment of Toughseal Dry Wash & Shine by approved applicator.
Is it a consideration for permanent VS semi permanent coatings which can be applied to the car?
Protective film is considered more as permanent protection than Coating. Coating is marketed to last around 4-5 years depending upon how is it maintained after application.

Add longlife to your Toughseal QFX ceramic paint protection by getting Tough Seal Dry Wash and Seal applied yearly by an approved applicator www.detailingadelaide.com.au Ph: 0411 295 166

  • Toughseal Dry Wash & Shine is a waterless car wash and protective glaze that produces armour-like invisible shield.
  • It does not contain wax, nor is it a polish and does not leave car paintwork looking dull after use.
  • Dry Wash & Shine contains all the best features of waxes, polishes and sealants without any of the abrasive problems.
  • It can even be applied over a dirty or dusty surface without leaving scratches.
  • Dry Wash & Shine combines specifically formulated detergents, wetting agents, lubricants and sealing compounds that soften and emulsify grime whilst lubricants attach a microscopic bonded layer that produces a shiny protection.

Tough Seal Dry wash and Seal is the prefect compliment to cars that have had Toughseal QFX ceramic paint protection applied by an approved applicator www.detailingadelaide.com.au Ph: 0411 295 166

Terminology used in the ceramic paint protection industry that Detailing Adelaide can help you with:

  • Car paint protection
  • Ceramic coatings for cars
  • Car paint sealant
  • Ceramic paint protection
  • Nano ceramic paint protection
  • Ceramic car polish
  • Hydrophobic coating car
ToughSeal Paint Protection product

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