Ceramic Coating, Interior Scotch Guard Protection, Leather Protective Coating all included

FOR $1100



The Ceramic process includes:

1. Hand wash the car
2. Rinse using high-pressure water cleaner
3. Pressure clean car
4. Pressure clean under the wheel arch
5. Clean rims
6. Pressure clean suds off
7. Apply tyre shine to all wheels/tyres
8. Clean/dry door jams
9. Clay bar all of bodywork – this done by hand and is time consuming but gives the best preparation for a real professional finish. Most ceramic coating appliers do not Clay bar the car
10. Towel dry bodywork & windows
11. Pressure clean suds off
12. Microfiber dry car
13. Polish car with colour coded waxes
14. Apply decontamination to car and wipe off
15. Apply ceramic coating
16. Apply base coat – ceramic coating
17. Apply top coat – ceramic coating
18. Clean inside & outside of all windows
19. Add deodoriser spray plus hang a complimentary card deodoriser
Interior Protection Includes:
1. Vacuum seats, floor & floor mats
2. Shampoo seats, floor Carpet & floor mats
3. Leather clean seats (if leather)
4. Clean & protect door trims, pillar trims & dash
5. Clean & protect centre console, cup holders & gear shift area
6. Clean & protect glove box
7. Clean door seals
8. Clean/dry door jams
9. Clean inside & outside of all windows
10. Add deodoriser spray plus hang a complimentary card deodoriser.
11. Boot included
12. Carpet protection is applied to the interior carpets and the boot carpet.
13. Seat protection is applied
14. All interior surfaces including dashboard, centre consul and door trims protection is applied.


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